Cycling Deals

Every few days, I scour Amazon for great cycling deals and post them on my Facebook page. I have spent a year developing and optimizing searches to find discounted items, and now you can use my custom links to look for your own steals!

If you’re in a hurry, scan the “quick links” section for your favorite brands. Or, if you want to read what I have to say about them, keep scrolling down for more information!

Quick Links

My go-to search links are as follows …

Cycling Clothing

Pearl Izumi is a popular, well known cycling brand. I’m in love with their Pro and Elite race fit jerseys! Use this link to see the current items on Amazon that are 70% off or more, and use this link to find items that are 90% off or more.

Canari is a perfect brand for recreational cyclists or those just starting out. The items aren’t as high of quality as a $150 pair of shorts from one of the big name brands, but I’ve found their items to be reliable at phenomenal prices. You can often find shorts, jerseys and jackets for well under $15 each using this search. I find that their clothing runs slightly big compared to Pearl Izumi and Louis Garneau, but I do not size up. The shorts have been comfy for rides of 60-90 minutes and are great for quick spins! Hubby buys the jerseys and uses them for rides of up to many hours, so no complaints there!

Bellwether is another brand that my household loves that doesn’t have the same brand recognition as other cycling brands. However, they make high quality, durable cycling goods. The sizing is similar to Pearl Izumi, Louis Garneau, etc. BUT tends to run on the slimmer slide. If you have normal large cyclist legs, this brand will work great. If you have sprinter-quads that are too big for most pants, look elsewhere. This search finds the items that are currently 70% off on Amazon.

Primal is the unsung hero of cycling clothing, in my opinion. This link will show you all items that are 70% off or more in Primal. You won’t see their items out and about as much as the big hitting brand names, but they make some of my favorite shorts. Even better, they often get heavily discounted on Amazon so I can pick up multiple pairs on the cheap. I wear the same size in Primal tops and bottoms as I do in Pearl Izumi, Louis Garneau, Podium Wear, Voler, and the list goes on.

  • Helix is their “pro tour” fit, or their tightest compression fit. I usually have to shimmy into my bibs, but they are my favorite fit and my favorite chamois.
  • Evo is their still-snug-but-not-compression race fit. Also very high on my list of current favorite shorts.
  • Prisma is their sport cut line. These items run slightly big, but not big enough for me to comfortably size down. I’ve done a 16 hour, 160 mile gravel ride in the Prisma bottoms so don’t be deceived by the fact that they are Primal’s “low end” option.

Louis Garneau is a familiar brand in the US, and also one of my favorites. This link shows you all items that are 65% off or more on amazon. Louis Garneau also makes my 10 year old’s favorite shorts. They have a legitimate chamois, unlike the triathlon-like chamois of Pearl Izumi junior shorts. If my kid is going to put in 2 hours on a ride, he deserves a chamois.

Next up is Craft, and this link shows you items that are 70% off or more. I often find non-cycling, high end sportswear in Craft. The brand is European based and runs slim, so some folks order up a size if they want their items to be looser. I order the same size in Craft tops and bottoms as in Primal, Pearl, Louis Garneau, etc. etc.

Most people know Giro for their helmets, but they are also producers of very high quality cycling clothing. They make amazing wool socks, stylish shoes (they run small!!), and one of my favorite wind shells is from Giro. Check out this link to see the current list of items that are 70% off or more.


My household has two favorite helmet brands, Bell and Giro. I used to wear Giro exclusively until Bell came up with their innovative sweat guide system, which helps pull sweat away from your face so you don’t end up so drenched. This is especially useful on mountain bike rides or other slow speed pursuits when you don’t have the wind to dry you off! Now I fluctuate between my favorite Giro lightweight helmets and a selection of Bell options. Use either of these links to find Bell and Giro helmets at 50% off or more.

Merino Wool

If you haven’t discovered the magic of merino wool yet, I suggest you try it out! Merino is an amazing fabric — it feels warm when it’s cold out, cool when it’s hot, doesn’t itch like regular wool, and resists odor much longer than straight synthetic garments. I wear wool socks year round (different weights for different seasons) and can always be found in wool baselayers and bras when the temperature drops.

I’ve tried purchasing “budget merino” items on Amazon and have not been impressed. The garments tend to itch and don’t hold their shape well. Therefore, I keep turning back to my two favorite brands and buy these when they’re on sale instead of the cheaper off-brand items.

Specialty Items

The following is a collection of links that may or may not relate specifically to cycling, but I and the 2400+ other members of the deals group sing the praises of these items.

Topeak makes my favorite seat bags (I have nine of the aero style), my favorite top tube bag, and their pumps and tools are SOLID. Use this link to see what Topeak items are currently 35% off on Amazon.

Aero Tech Designs is one of the brands that consistently offers plus size cycling clothing in a wide range of items. A friend tipped me off to the brand, and folks on my Cycling Deals FB page rave about the brand.

My Facebook page has a lot of triathletes, so I’m slowly learning about triathlon gear. I created this search and often find items that are crazy cheap! Check out the selection of Pearl Izumi Triathlon Clothing.

While not specifically cycling related, I’ve learned about the high quality of Helly Hansen gear from a friend that sails. Their garments are designed for movement and are often truly waterproof, unlike other brands. Their skiing gear is also top notch. In general, folks report that their items run a little small, so size up if in doubt! Check out this link to see 70% off Helly Hansen items.

Final Thoughts

If you want me to create a custom discount search for a brand you love, please shoot me a PM on Facebook or use this page’s contact form to send me a note. I’ll get back to you when I can, and add the links to this page so everyone can see them.

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.