I’m in the middle of an elimination diet. Even though it’s thoroughly irritating to execute properly, I’m learning great things. Have you tried an elimination diet? What did you learn, and how did it affect your cycling?

Ludicrous but Reasonable

Time flies when you’re busy. On some level I knew that the spring was quickly evaporating, and work travel combined with general life had kept me off the bike. Once we hit June I realized that my epic-stupid-crazy ride was less than a month away. Uh oh. Time to start training, or tapering, or give up, or something.

Let’s Talk about Depression

I have been hiding for a few weeks, and it’s time to talk.  One of my goals of this blog and my Facebook page is to talk honestly about the highs AND the lows of life. I feel like it’s isolating and dishonest to only publish the good things when you’re publicly chronicling so much. That said, it’s high time I wrote this post about depression. The news of Kate Spade’s suicide was another reminder of how all too often we suffer in silence. I hope she had friends to support her in challenging times. Hopefully talking about depression a Read More