Fear and Anticipation and Glee

Lutsen 99er

I’ve gone missing for the last month, but it was on purpose.  I participated in a few AMAZING bike rides at a much more casual clip than the Alexander.  I rode less.  I rode fast.  I took multiple days off.  It was restorative, social, and just what I needed after a grueling spring of training for the 380 gravel miles.

Tomorrow, I embark on another crazy race!  There is something magical about when my life is reduced to the simple concept of whether or not I can maintain forward motion at that point in time – no work stress, no chores, no household projects, no deadlines… Tomorrow I’ll be slogging through the thunderstorms and a potential INCH of rain for 99 miles of off-road adventuring on a Twin Six fat bike at the Lutsen 99er!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Tomorrow will be made even better by my super sick demo rig and the camaraderie of other crazy folks like myself.


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