Deals Please

I had surgery last Friday, and I’m some odd combination of restless and flighty. I can’t focus on something for more than a few minutes to save my life (thanks, pain meds) but I also feel motivated to do SOMETHING. Enter my new hobby this week: hunting Amazon for cycling deals.

It started with a need for compression socks post-surgery, and has meandered into the purchasing of top tube bags and gloves I don’t actually NEED-need (see picture of obnoxiously colored items above). I decided to channel this obsession into something beneficial, so I created a Facebook group to share the deals I find. Amazon is odd and sometimes a certain size or color of an item is priced half as much as its counterparts. I have a knack for finding these (or maybe just too much time on my hands?!) so I share them when I find them. I also take requests for items and enjoy the “assignments”.

Head on over to Facebook and join the group to see what I’m posting. I also quietly created a “Favorite Products” page here on the blog to showcase items I LOVE. They aren’t necessarily on sale, but they are products I’ve purchased multiples of, if only to have a brand new in-package backup waiting for me when I inevitably ruin something due to misuse, or when the dog chews on the Camelbak because I left candy bars in there after coming home exhausted after an all day ride (true story).

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