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Week of Aug 20

Want to know what 1700 other people are buying based on my recommended products and sales over the last 7 days? Here they are!!



Week of July 30

Prices continue to fall on Pearl Izumi Amfib pants. Get ’em NOW if you’re interested. There seems to be a pattern where every summer these go on mega sale like this, then mysteriously jump in price back to full retail which tends to be north of $120. I can’t predict the future on Amazon, I can only comment on what the prices have done in the past. Most of the cuts shown have sales on multiple sizes, not just the one shown here, so click through the links to see everything that’s on offer.

Now, on to what I think of the pants — THESE ARE MY FAVORITE WINTER CYCLING PANTS and I confess, I own multiple pairs. They have a wind block front and sides and a brushed fleece interior. I wear them from 50F down to subzero, adding layers under as I go. I prefer my coldest weather tights without a chamois so I can wear my favorite cycling bibs underneath, then customize the midlayers depending on how cold it is.

Week of July 23

Here’s a selection of cold weather accessories currently on sale from Bellwether! Our household anticipates these summer clearance sales on cold weather gear and we stock up and replace whatever worn out items that just weren’t cutting it the winter prior. What things do you need to replace or upgrade??


Week of July 2

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for high quality winter accessories this summer, and there are a few items from Louis Garneau that have dropped in price! Check out the options here. I’ve included my FAVORITE hat, the “Louis Garneau Hat Cover 2”. This is the first hat I start wearing once temperatures demand it. It has windblock around the ears and forehead, but the upper section is breathable and allows some of the sweat to evaporate. I bought a L / XL (it was the only size available at the time and I was desperate as a new winter cyclist) and it’s too big. For comparison, I wear a size M Giro or Bontrager unisex helmet, so I would say go with your helmet size on this one.


Light and Motion Headlight

The second thing I want to talk about today is this Light and Motion Urban 900 headlight. I used this and a second Light and Motion light to get me through a full night of riding last weekend during my attempt at riding across Iowa in under 24 hours. I strongly prefer this model to the slightly lower end model for a few reasons. One, the max light setting is brighter, which I used on fast road descents when I was off the front looking for potholes. Two, this light has a battery indicator built in to the on/off switch, slowly changing from green to red as the battery runs low. I proactively changed lights half way through the night instead of waiting until it was fully out of battery. I felt a lot more anxious when using the other light since I didn’t have a good idea of when it would go out. I was toggling between low and medium light settings, so I couldn’t use the manufacturer’s estimated hours of run time as a guide. These lights can’t be charged while riding (that’s a whole different price-point to get a name brand light with that feature), but if I had needed to, I could have recharged this via USB battery pack in my Camelbak while I was using the second light.

Audible Trial



Lately I’ve been listening to the audiobook “Grit” by Angela Duckworth on Audible, and it’s really helped reshape how I look at my progress and return back to long distance cycling.

She writes, β€œGrit depends on a different kind of hope. It rests on the expectation that our own efforts can improve our future. I have a feeling tomorrow will be better is different from I resolve to make tomorrow better. The hope that gritty people have has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with getting up again.”

I’ve had my share of challenges, setbacks, and full derailments in this journey, but when I AM having a bad day I can reframe it and ask myself “ok, what am I going to do differently tomorrow?”

This Audiobook is available on Audible for $15 right now, BUT you can get a $5 free 30 day trial and get 2 books for free. The best part? You keep those books forever!! If you have questions, let me know. I can’t recommend this book enough, and I’m only about 2/3rds of the way through it.

I spent most of today working on my bicycles, and the more maintenance I do myself the more I realize that having quality tools around makes the tasks SO much easier. I went basic with these recommendations for the most part, focusing on wrenches and multi-tools, but I also threw in something new to me that I fell in love with today. I used the Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack while mounting stubborn road tires. I got the tricky tires on with no swearing, no bruised fingers, AND I didn’t have to cheat and use tire levers to try and sneak on the tire, risking damaging the tube. I’m SOLD. The one I used today was borrowed, 15 years old and nary a sign of wear despite tons of use, AND you’d better believe that I already ordered my own and it’s on its way. I’m a convert!

I rode for 11 hours over the weekend wearing DeFeet Aireator Double Cuff socks and I am solidly IN LOVE! The man of the house swears by these, almost exclusively purchasing aireator socks as time goes on for both on bike and casual wear. They are thin and vented in the foot without being flimsy. I really liked the slight compression feel of the double-cuff layer, and even with my giant calves I didn’t get any spots that dug in or pressure points. The high-vis colors are an added bonus. In my opinion, the socks are true to size but I order a size down because I like my socks TIGHT in the toe box. In case you can’t get yourself to wear the high vis ones, I threw in a link to my favorite “Do Epic Shit” socks. πŸ˜‰


Week of June 25

Note – items are still available for purchase if the Amazon widget lists a price!

Craft makes some of the highest quality cycling gear I own, and as the weather heats up I’m finding more and more cold weather items getting discounted. The Featherlight jacket is a water and wind resistant, super thin packable shell. I love taking a jacket along like this on cool mornings, then shedding it as soon as the sun comes out and warms everything. These jackets retail for $99 on the Craft site! There are lots of colors and sizes available, so I’ve just picked a few to feature.

These Lake winter boots are my FAVORITES. I own an older model of them and they are solidly built and warm as all get-out. Original retail is $299, and you can see that there are a variety of sizes in regular and wide widths at cheaper prices right now! I didn’t link to everything, so click a pair and see what sizes are currently available on Amazon. Welcome to summer clearance, when retailers discount previous season’s models in preparation for new stuff to roll out in the fall.

I’ve worn my Lake boots down to -10F with layered wool socks and toe warmers and had toasty warm feet. I recommend sizing up at least 1 size from your regular cycling shoe size to let you layer when needed. Plus, extra air in the toe box helps keep your toes warm — I learned in my Chemical Engineering courses that air is an excellent insulator. Don’t believe me? Think about double pane windows and the layer of air between the glass panels that helps keep your house warm in the winter. πŸ˜‰

I go through a lot of on-bike fuel each week, and buying it in bulk saves a lot of money vs. buying things individually. I have a sensitive stomach sometimes and can’t tolerate artificial sweeteners, so all of these are solid purchases for me. I have a shelf in the pantry dedicated to cycling fuels and gels, and these 4 products are on my “tried and true” list of options for rides ranging from 2 hours up to 20 hours.

Here are Giro DND gloves for the whole family! I LOVE these gloves. I own multiple pairs and these are my go-to full finger gloves. I wear these on most of my long cycling adventures and they’ve held up beautifully. The faux suede palms wash up easily, the touch screen compatible fingertips work great with my Garmin and phone, plus they come in a ton of colors from flashy to unobtrusive. I’ve selected just a few pairs to showcase — click through to see the wide range of options available. DND are the mens’ version, “LA DND” are the women’s version, and the JR ones are for the kiddos. I find that these run just a hair small. I’m usually between sizes and have gone with the larger size in these and been VERY happy. A men’s small seems to fit identically to a women’s large but with more palm coverage.

Canari liner shorts are some of the most common items that people purchase from my deals listings! I am solidly a “dirt roadie” and always wear tight shorts when mountain biking, so I can’t personally comment on their fit.


Canari men’s shorts are a great buy! There is one dude that gave them a review that’s driving the 2 star review. However, MIL has 2 pairs and really likes them (yes, these are men’s shorts). I’d recommend these for shorter rides under 90 minutes, maybe MTB, and for those without mega-quads based on how they fit her. Here’s a selection of colors and sizes available right now, click through to see all of the colors and options!




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