Grit and Gravel: Two Years After Spinal Fusion

I’ve been quiet since May, quietly working back towards health and smarter cycling, and I have news. I started radio silence right after announcing that I would not start the Almanzo, a 100-plus mile gravel event, back in May. I was devastated when a work trip sidelined me with nerve pain, helping me decide that I shouldn’t start the event and risk being off the bike for a large portion of the summer. Before I get to the good part, I need to give some backstory for the newer readers. Note the picture above. Those are what I affectionately refer Read More


I’ve been quiet lately. Quiet enough that my dad messaged me and asked what was up, quiet enough that a friend and non-cyclist asked why I haven’t blogged lately. This post is a stream of consciousness tale of how things have been going. On the surface, it may seem pessimistic but the good news is I’ve managed some level of balance and kept all of the really important, most time-critical things going.

Boiling Over: a story about high blood pressure

I was motoring along steadily on the trainer like the diesel I am, and suddenly my power output dropped to 100 watts. I slammed on a few more gears and cranked hard. The power numbers barely rose and I watched my virtual teammates speed away. Well, I thought, if I keel over on my bike at least those that know me knew I’d die happy.


I’m in the middle of an elimination diet. Even though it’s thoroughly irritating to execute properly, I’m learning great things. Have you tried an elimination diet? What did you learn, and how did it affect your cycling?

Comeback Ride

I had been itching for a long ride for months, maybe even a year, and I decided it was time to test the systems and strive for a comeback ride. April has been a great time of testing out my body and its limits. Calf surgery to remove a muscle and release an artery was in early March so I’m quickly moving away from that fiasco. My spine and core muscles have been feeling solid with all the extra physical therapy. A few early tests went very well, so I planned a series of rides to further push my body Read More

Onward and Upward

I’m a little scared to say it out loud, but my first attempts at actual training are going really dang well. I feel like I’m finally able to train, add intensity, and PUSH my body without something failing. I’m cleared from a calf and spine perspective! I still have a wheezy cough which makes me sound like a dog’s squeaker toy, but thanks to nebulizers and albuterol I can still get rides in without dying.   This Week This week brought about 7.5 hours on the bike. The rides included sprints, a difficult outdoor group ride, and a 2.5 hour Read More