Ride Across Iowa in a Day (RAID, or RAIIAD)

Every so often, I get restless. Ok, well, I get restless a lot. I am goal oriented to a fault and need something on the horizon to keep me pushing, striving. My boyfriend made the mistake of goading me into riding across Iowa in a day, telling me I needed to find other riders and plan a route, and he’d make sure we had transportation covered. I’m not sure he realized that once the gauntlet has been thrown down, I won’t give up on something! Here’s the story of our day.

The Alexander 380: Part 2

(This is the second half of my Alexander 380 story, the 380 mile gravel race that is the “big brother” of Almanzo.  Read the first part here.) As we left the first gas station stop at mile 70-something, we soon crossed over highway 52.  It was so tempting to cruise down the big hill to Decorah, to a hot shower, a warm bed, and excellent ice cream.  Ugh.  We pedaled on, and not long after leaving Kwik Trip the rain started to fall.  First it was a few drops, and then the sky opened up with a vigorous rain. We were Read More