Ludicrous but Reasonable

Time flies when you’re busy. On some level I knew that the spring was quickly evaporating, and work travel combined with general life had kept me off the bike. Once we hit June I realized that my epic-stupid-crazy ride was less than a month away. Uh oh. Time to start training, or tapering, or give up, or something.

Comeback Ride

I had been itching for a long ride for months, maybe even a year, and I decided it was time to test the systems and strive for a comeback ride. April has been a great time of testing out my body and its limits. Calf surgery to remove a muscle and release an artery was in early March so I’m quickly moving away from that fiasco. My spine and core muscles have been feeling solid with all the extra physical therapy. A few early tests went very well, so I planned a series of rides to further push my body Read More

Disaster Zone

I bet a lot of you don’t know that 5 years ago I had back to back right foot surgeries (yes, I’m aware my body is a disaster zone). I had survived one surgery in February, only to discover that the tendon didn’t reattach and I had no ability to stand up on my right tippy-toes. The calf wouldn’t flex that way and pull up the heel because it was unattached at a critical point in my foot. I was completely devastated, wrecked by the thought of another surgery. Living alone with half time custody of my toddler, being helpless Read More

What to Wear Whatever the Weather

Deciding what to wear while cycling in inclement weather is tricky. It can take a lot of trial and error to get it dialed, but riding in most conditions is A LOT more comfortable once you know how to dress.  It’s a horrible feeling when you went through the painstaking process to figure out what to wear last year, but you wrote nothing down so you spend the first few rides of each season miserable. I’m here to tell you about a system I’ve honed that could help you out. If you’re antsy, just scroll to the bottom and check Read More