Almanzo Looming

The last week or two have been a whirlwind, but in a GOOD way. I’m piling on the training hours and stressing my systems in preparation for the Almanzo. I finalized the Alexander route and it’s published and up for review, AND I may also start more focused wedding planning. Yay!


Last week I hit training hard, taking the kiddo out on a tandem gravel ride on Tuesday, riding gravel hill repeats on Thursday, and sprint intervals on Friday. Because the Almanzo is looming, I followed this up with a century on my Kinetic trainer on Saturday. I even hit a post-surgery 5 minute power PR at the end of the 5 hour ride!! I have some niggling aches and pains this week but that’s to be expected. (If you want tips on how to survive stupid-long trainer rides, check out this post I wrote.) Last week’s training load gives me hope that I have some summer ultras in my future, even if they are “just pavement”.

Multi-hour trainer rides are ALWAYS a mental game no matter how many I’ve done.


In other news, the Alexander 2019 route is published on my Ride with GPS account. I worked diligently to try and emulate the wonderful and brutal aspects of the original. It heads towards the driftless area for lots of climbing. I threw in a handful of MMRs to keep things interesting. It passes through multiple towns with motel or camping options, so those taking the more “leisurely” route can catch some sleep. And last, the final section slogs straight west for miles, mimicking the original’s windswept trek into the west just south of the Iowa border. The new route is diabolical, scenic, and breathtaking.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have started to recruit volunteers to ride or drive sections of the route to confirm that the roads exist, and the cues are relatively accurate. So far I’ve gotten a handful of people who want to help, and my plea for help has been up for less than 24 hours. If you’re available to ride even a small chunk of the course, shoot me a message on Facebook.

ALEXANDER ROUTE! It’s 388 miles, 18,000+ feet of elevation, winding through the countryside of SE Minnesota.

The link takes you to the draft route. Why is this a draft? While I have meticulously critiqued and edited the cues, the course has not been driven or ridden. Due to a last minute change in plans, I am looking for folks who would love to volunteer to ride or drive portions of the route. Let me know if you’re game! The weather looks beautiful on Saturday.

The sawtooth profile of the Alexander.

Group Rides

I’ve also set up an email list that lets you know when I’m hosting a group ride in the Twin Cities metro area. I had gotten feedback that not everyone is on Facebook (What?! Ha.) so I started the email list. If you want to sign up, click here and enter your information. I promise not to spam you!


Last but not least, if you’ve read this far … If you’ve ridden some of my routes and loved them come along on a group ride and had fun, or want to help keep me tied in to Ride with GPS premium access for another year (my free trial expires soon), please consider a small donation via my Paypal account. The premium account allows me to customize cues and more easily edit the giant routes. Premium access means I can denote each and every Kwik Trip on the route, call out the MMRs I know, as well as other key stops in the Alexander route. Basic Ride with GPS access does not let me do any of this.

I hope your spring training is going well, and I hope to see friends old and new out on the roads soon.

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