Alexander Cue Sheets

Alexander 380 rematch

Lately I’ve had a few people ask about the Alexander route and where the resupply points are. Because I’m an over-planner, I meticulously went through the Alexander route before my attempt searching out food / aid / resupply points. I even went so far as to scrutinize SATELLITE footage of the remote areas and it paid off — I found a tiny campground store which pretty much saved my day during our Fallexander journey.

If you’d like copies of the cue sheets, shoot me an email and I’ll gladly send them to you – I added a contact form below! Here’s an example of the notes I took. However, I’m hesitant to throw the whole set out on the interwebs for anybody to download. I want to stress that in many cases the resupply places noted are NOT on the actual course. You’ll need to look them up beforehand if you plan to use them as it will involve leaving the course (most often only slightly), and the restarting the course where you left off. They may be closed (permanently, or just at the time of day you roll through that particular town). If the Almanzo / Alexander folks ever change their course, these will also be obsolete. I love planning long rides and adventures and want to share what I’ve learned, but I would feel horrible if someone used these without some research and ended up dehydrated in a ditch on the side of the road because of my info. 😉


Ok. Did you read all of the above and you still want cue sheets? Fill out the info below and shoot me a note, and comment that you want the Alexander cue sheets. I promise I won’t use your email for anything malicious or otherwise. 😉

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