I tend to oscillate between extremes, either living with the accelerator slammed down or jamming on the brake. Last week, after nearly a month of minimal to no exercise, I was finally feeling good again. Antibiotics took care of the two month long lingering sinus issues, my back was happy, and I wanted to GO. All of this combined with gorgeous weather in Minnesota turned into almost 9 hours on bikes last week, with over 5 hours on gravel. If you’ve read my blog before, you probably already know where this is going.

After an easy recovery ride this Monday, things seemed to still be ok. Tuesday, I headed south for the Northfield gravel ride. The gents are always gracious, but I know I’ll get dropped eventually. However, the pain started earlier than I expected, forcing me to slow and get dropped really early. Large portions of my left leg felt like they were on fire. While I know I CAN push through and keep riding, the subsequent weeks will be hellacious. I soft pedaled and sulked back to the car, trying not to cry out of sheer frustration.

If you look really closely, you can see the pack riding towards the sunset off in the distance.

Wednesday brought 8 hours of sitting at work and another 3 hours sitting in a vehicle. Which, by the way, was totally worth it. During tax season my boyfriend, errr fiance, temporarily moves out and back to Iowa. We tend to see each other just a handful of waking hours during tax season. I think this year we’ll have seen each other 3 times in 3 months. One weekend, and two dinners in the middle of our locations, thus the car time on Wednesday. By the drive home Wednesday night, my left leg had shooting pains originating from the hip socket. Hello, sciatica!

Today was a day of rest. Thankfully, I have a job that sometimes lets me work from home when things get crazy. I made it about three hours in the office, restlessly shifting positions at my desk, standing, then sitting again, trying to get comfortable. It never happened, so I told my boss I was headed home to work from my recliner. It’s my happy place when things act up. It leans back far enough that it starts to approach the feel of one of those zero gravity chairs, and it takes the pressure off of things. My day of rest, plus some help from big pharma this evening, has me feeling better and I am resolved to ride tomorrow.

I’m playing hooky tomorrow (and by that I mean I’m taking a legitimate half day of vacation, because I’m generally a rule follower) to get in some pavement miles. I’ll avoid gravel for a few more days, as the jostling flares things up more than pavement. Tonight I pulled my best bike down from the rafters, the bike that I lovingly overhauled last summer when I couldn’t ride, with the hopes of multiple hours of cruising the pavement tomorrow. Please wish me luck!

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